An Introduction

Like most people my age, I wasn’t born into a craft beer loving family. I was raised in Georgia with domestic beer drinkers in a time when you couldn’t buy beer on Sunday, but you could enjoy a cold one from the passenger seat of a car. Who knew that decades later the small North Carolina town I chose to call home would open its first brewery and nearby Asheville would earn the title “Beer City”. More than that, who knew that I would develop such a taste for citrusy IPAs, boozy Imperial Stouts, and complex mixed culture ales. A brewery brings a fresh buzz to a quiet mountain community, and I knew it was a scene I wanted to be a part of. I started by playing music in small breweries and brewpubs. The crowds at breweries were different than the bar room scene I was used to, especially from the stage. The drinkers were there because they had a taste for something finer and an appreciation for a hand crafted world. The best part was that the crowds were no longer made up of beer drinkers alone – it was friends and families of all ages. There was more togetherness. It was a community setting. Excited about this journey. Even more excited about sharing my “exBEERiences”! Cheers!




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